This blog has been created for my QUT uni subject ‘Youth, Popular Culture and Texts’. It’s a place where I will be discussing readings and research and my thoughts on things related to my class. My hope is that I through this blog and my reflections I will be challenged and inspired, become informed on current issues and hopefully have a little bit of fun as well.
I am a primary school teacher on the Sunny Coast. I have three kids (aged 9, 11 &12) and am studying to become a Teacher Librarian. When I was in primary school my dream was to be an actress (largely inspired by this gorgeous girl) or a librarian (mostly because I believed librarians get to read books all day long). I am still just as crazy about books. One of my favourite genres is Aussie YA. Below are some of my most loved Aussie YA books (some — it was hard to nut it down…)
 The Midnight ZooOf A Boy
The Simple Gift
 (Okay, that was hard — so many more brilliant books out there)

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