Fave Reading Resources

This page is a resource for teachers, teacher-librarians and students who are looking to engage in reading, find brilliant books and connect with readers from around the world. The links here are sites I use and love and am happy (ecstatic) to evangelise about.


Meet your next favourite book 🙂 A social networking site for book lovers OR just use it to collate and organise the books you’ve read and are planning to read. Engage in book clubs, write reviews or just read reviews. You can also follow popular reviewers to get an idea of what’s hot in the current market. One awesome feature of this site are the Book Lists. Voted on by thousands of users, you can find lists of all kinds of books. Some lists to get you started:

  • “best of” lists (Best books of the decade, year or month)
  • “Most Popular book lists” (Lists that have been voted on by thousands of book lovers)
  • Aussie YA 2013 Releases (keep up-to-date with upcoming and recent local books for teens)
  • Favourite Aussie YA books (Over 200 books voted by over 530 users – a good place to find some of our most loved Aussie YA books)
  • Children’s Book lists (over 500 unique lists for children’s fiction. Including: best series, newberry winners, for reluctant readers, best graphic novels, for dog-lovers, best intro to sci-fi, etc)
  • Young Adult book lists (over 1000 unique lists including road trip novel, dystopian, LGBT, spy/mystery, feminist, Pritz award, mermaids, etc)

Goodreads also has an app for iOS devices.

Other sites similar to goodreads:

  1. shelfari
  2. Book Likes (has a feel similar to tumblr)
  3. library thing (Library Thing links in with the Australian local library spydus catalogue – which is great. it does, however have a small fee to join (if you shelve over a requisite amount of books)

The Literacy Shed Image credit

The Literacy Shed

High quality visual resources for literacy lessons in primary school. Incorporating digital lessons with book-based activities. This site is  incredibly brilliant, well organised and overflowing with rich literary goodness ready for classroom use.

Love the logo! Image source

Inside a Dog — All about books. By young people, for young people. An Australian website of international repute. Home of the inky’s (a MUST for getting under 20’s to vote on fave books. inside a Dog also features some fantastic review proformas to help get your students reviewing and chatting about books.  In the quotebox below I have copied and pasted the Inside a Dog overview with links:

Inside a Dog is a place for teen readers and the home of Inky, the reading wonder-dog. Here you can:

  • Find great reads
  • Share your reviews of books you love – or hate
  • Discuss book news and hot topics on our news blog and in our forums
  • Win stuff!
  • Read authors’ thoughts about writing and reading on our residence blog
    Our writer in residence for September is Em Bailey.
  • Join or create a book club to talk about your reading


Love seeing these little stickers all around the library! 🙂 image credit

The Children’s Book Council of Australia

Everything to do with literature for young Australians. Keep up to date with the most acclaimed Australian children’s books.

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