Web 2.0 For Teachers

This is a small reference page of sites I have stumbled upon while studying CLN647 that I intend to use in my teaching repertoire.

During studying for this course I have discovered some gems that will help me introduce and utilise web 2.0 in my classroom. Here are the online resources I have bookmarked for further use. My hope is that you will find something helpful for you and your students.

100+ Free Web Tools For Teachers From Bill Boyd’s blog ‘The Literacy Adviser

This collection is  must! Everything from:

  • making your own book, posters, magazine covers, digital postcards, origami,
  • creating free games, quizzes, diagrams, your own logo, wiki’s and webpages,
  • Tons of photo tools (collages, 3D images, panoramics, animations,
  • Tools to communicate, collate, curate. Sites for making your own animations, comics, cartoons, movies and games.

Literacy Advisor’s  Delicious Page of Top Websites for Teachers 

an ongoing collection of some the best and most helpful places for teachers to go.

Primary school blogs from around the world Image credit

The Class Blog Shed

This collection of classroom blogs from around the world is brilliant for sharing with students and gaining inspiration from how other classrooms are engaging in blogging. Here’s the list of Australian Primary School class blogs.

Mr Barlow’s Teaching Resources

This Melbourne Based science teacher is an eLearning Leader. How whole site is useful for teacher’s starting out with Web 2.0. His teaching resource page references the sites and apps he uses to engage his student’s in Web 2.0 learning.

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